Find beauty in the flaw.
You Complete the design.

The Kintsugi Collection is inspired by one of the oldest of traditional Japanese restoration methods called “Kintsugi”. Ceramics once broken are glued back together with lacquer and gold bringing beauty to what was once shattered. The same can apply to each of us. We can mend and transform what has broken us. It’s a part of human nature to experience hardship, but when we embrace the teachings we inspire great change! Our scars (whether physical or emotional) are full of triumphant stories that make up the unique history of who we are. Milamore’s Kintsugi collection is a reminder for you to celebrate who you are and wear your truth.


An abstract gold shape inspired by restored cracks in broken ceramics, will hug your finger in the traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi. Think of your finger as a piece of carefully crafted ceramic that this ring will mend. The Kintsugi Diamond features a brilliant marquise cut diamond or baguette cut diamond that’s sure to add a stunning sparkle to your hand. Feel free to layer up our Kintsugi Collection and show your individuality.

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