The spirit animal of Milamore that stands for the accumulation of wealth, prayers and purification. The goldfish was brought to Japan centuries ago and sold to samurais and nobility as pets. The samurai’s believed when a goldfish died, bad fortune died with them. Their gold and red bodies carry many eggs aiding in conception efforts. If you’re ready for an energy switch, the goldfish may be for you!

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    The spirit animal that stands for dreams, health, love, and longevity in relationships. In Japanese proverbs, it is said that cranes live 1,000 years while a turtle lives for 1 million years and they grow stronger as a pair. When cranes cry, you can hear it from the heavens. Engrave your dreams to the crane charm and the crane will bring your wish above.

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    The spirit animal that stands for love, longevity in relationships and wealth. Their slow movements are said to bring a sense of calmness to a life of togetherness. With a still mind, it’s much easier to keep your mind on your money. Gift a turtle charm to your loved one to match your crane charm for eternal blessings and wealth.

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