Astrology is science of the cosmos. Long ago, Babylonians believed that the movement of the stars could interpret the wishes of the gods. Later, Greece adopted this knowledge of the twelve constellations and named them after the great personalities found in Greek mythology. Many cultures throughout history have their own interperations of the stars, astrology, and wisdom of the cosmos. Today, we understand these celestial movements impact the individual and can reveal who you are and who you’re meant to become. Find solace and reflection in an ancient science that applies even more in modern times.


MILAMORE’s Zodiac Collection helps you channel your sun, moon and ascendant energy in luxury. Your zodiac’s symbols feature 18kt gold and diamonds that shine as bright as the constellations. Our abstract art form Zodiac Earrings highlight your astrological sign's constellation while our Zodiac Charms highlight the Zodiac Avatars. Connect to your spiritual- cosmic being.

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