Candy Hanabi Pearl Charm



MILAMORE is happy to announce their Hanabi Collection! Hanabi is known as flower-shaped fireworks in Japan. There are many fireworks festivals in Japan, and Hanabi is one of the highlights of fireworks that captivate people The combination of Akoya pearls, diamonds, and colorful sapphires with 18kt gold fasteners (chatons) represent the spark. There is also a hidden mechanism, a hook on the back of the diamond charm to which you can attach more firework charms and create your own fireworks display. You can clip to any chain. It took three years from development to production until the perfect firework was crafted. The Hanabi Charms feature a Kintsugi EN detail, which signifies connection, the circle of life, and unity. We believe the fun look of the Candy Hanabi Pearl Charm is best to pair with the look of our Duo Chains. The charms are so versatile you can wear them any way you like! 


  • Candy Hanabi Charm Diamond weight .08ct
  • Candy Hanabi Charm Sapphire weight .17ct
  • Natural Akoya Pearl sizes approximate 3.1mm/2.4mm/2.3mm
  • Solid Recycled 18kt yellow gold
  • If interested, this charm can be customized to different color candy sapphires including (blue, pink, yellow)

*Please note that this item is sold as is as a charm and does not include a chain.

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Handcrafted in Japan

The rich culture and heritage of Japan is Milamore’s biggest source of inspiration. Designed in New York and handcrafted in Japan, MILAMORE blends the ancient Japanese art of jewelry making with modern design. Each piece is made with the highest quality materials— solid 18 karat gold and precious stones—and is created entirely by hand by multi-generational families of artisans in Japan.

Our ateliers are located in Tokyo and Yamanashi Prefecture in the heart of Japan near the foothills of Mount Fuji, and have deep ties to our Co-Founder’s family business. The first atelier opened its doors as a watchmaking shop in Tokyo’s Asakusa district during the 1920s and then evolved into a jewelry-making atelier after World War I. Our community of highly skilled artisans produce heritage art by combining techniques that have been passed down for generations with modern-day technology. They are masters of their craft, and together we share a commitment to quality and passion for innovation.
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