Q.How much is shipping?
Domestic shipping in Japan costs 1,000 Yen nationwide
Orders shipping overseas vary depending on the shipping destination so please check the shipping cost displayed when ordering
Q.Which payment methods are accepted?
You can choose credit card settlement.
* In the case of overseas shipping, credit card settlements will only be accepted
* For credit card settlements, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express
* JCB and Discover Card is available at PayPal.
* Please note that Diners is not compatible.
Q.What is the return / exchange policy?
We will accept returns and exchanges of products only in the following cases:

・ If the delivered product is different from your order
・ If the product is damaged upon delivery
* In the case of an exchange, if the requested item is in stock we will ship out immediately
* In the case of an exchange, if the requested item is not in stock, it will be immediately shipped after production is complete
* Returns and exchanges are officially initiated after our systems confirm receipt of repayment or product return to Milamore
* For customers receiving Milamore jewelry as a gift, exchanges will only be made in the same design and size as the initial product

Please note that we can not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases:

・Items for which 10 days or more have passed since the arrival of the item
・Items that have been worn
・Items damaged or altered after arrival to the customer
・Items purchased outside of the official Milamore website
・Case by customers circumstances (allergies to metal)
・A slight difference between product image and actual product
* Please note that product photos may feel different from actual products in size, color and atmosphere when displayed on a computer screen or smartphone.
Q.What are the after sales services offered?
For all Milamore purchases, we offer resizing, repairing or cleaning services on our products. We offer these services free of charge or for a fee based on our company regulations.
Please contact us at if you would like resizing, repairing or cleaning services

* For these service we accept only products purchased at our site.
* We reserve the right to accept or deny requests for after-sales services
* When sending items to Milamore, in order to prevent accidental loss or damage during delivery, please take proper measure when packing and use a courier that provides a shipping number
Q.When will I receive my order?
We will usually ship within 3 business days after receiving your order (excluding weekends and holidays).
However, for products that need to be crafted, please see the delivery date mentioned on the product details page
* Orders go into production after payment is complete, and may take about 2 - 3 months.
* Please note that if you place multiple orders or if you order an item that needs to be produced and an item in inventory at the same time, all items will be shipped as soon as they are ready to be shipped.
* We will notify you by email once we ship your items
Q.Can I order from overseas?
Of course. Shipping costs vary depending on the shipping destination, so please check the shipping cost displayed when ordering.
Q.Where can I find my receipt?
After payment is confirmed, please contact us at specifying your order number.
* For this specific inquiry, please be sure to contact us before shipment has been completed
Q.Is it possible to have my order gift wrapped?
After payment is confirmed, please contact us at specifying your order number.
* For this specific inquiry, please be sure to contact us before shipment has been completed
Q. I have not received an email from Milamore. What should I do?
We will automatically email you once your order has been confirmed and once shipping is complete. Should you not receive an email, please see below for possible reasons and fixes:
As for these, it is supposed a lot with a mobile carrier address by a costomer of the registration.

We send an automatic transmission email at the time of an order or shipment completion in MILAMORE.

When this automatic transmission email does not arrive, I think that you can confirm it because the following reasons are thought about.

(1)Reception refusal setting for the unwanted e-mail
(2)Email settings intercepting emails from Milamore specifically
(3)Email settings to refuse emails from a large amount of senders
(4)The designated mail is received from a PC
(5)Email settings forwarding emails from Milamore to Spam folder
(6)It becomes e-mail address ※ 1 of the RFC standard violation
* 1: Transmission errors may occur even if transmission and reception are possible between mobile phones.

If you do not receive the email after confirming the above, please re-register using a web email address such as Gmail.

Milamore can not assume responsibility of inconveniences such as cancellation due to emails not received in error. We apologize for any inconveniences.