Every piece we design begins as an idea sparked by an experience and requires the highest quality of craftsmen to bring it into existence.
Each design is handcrafted in Japan by a family of artisans that have spent decades perfecting the art of fine jewelry.

Our jewelry undergoes a sophisticated 10-step process, starting with a hand-sketch design, followed by a wax carving and casting, and finished with the hand-setting of gemstones. We source the highest quality materials, and our suppliers are vetted to meet the highest of ethical standards. Our diamonds are conflict-free and responsibly sourced. We are as mindful as we can be and have an ongoing commitment to use renewable packaging.

MILAMORE focuses on handcrafted fine jewelry that has lasting quality. All of our gold is 18-karat recycled gold. Our production is very small batched and we produce each piece one by one. Due to this, we do not use as much gold as other larger companies. We are sustainable in the sense that we are not mass produced and very small. In this, we support Japanese craftsmanship and Japanese art in the present time. We infuse Japanese culture, it’s messages, and relevance into jewelry, bringing recognition to this beautiful culture.

We care deeply about our employees and it is one of MILAMORE’s top priorities to respect everyone we work with. This we feel is a social responsibility that can ripple into our communities.
We are committed to being inclusive, aware, and as mindful as we can be.
Through powerful, modern design and exceptional craftsmanship, each piece of art we create becomes one-of-a-kind and holds a deep meaning to those who wear it.
Thank you for your interest and being here with us!