The Milamore Story

Milamore is a story of love between a boy and his grandmother who raised him with charisma and strength. Her name—which stands for “miracle” in Spanish—was Milagros, or Mila, to those who knew and loved her.

30 years later, the boy grew up to become the Creative Director of Milamore, a fine jewelry line designed in New York and handcrafted in Japan. He lived boldly and found inspiration traveling the world, but he always kept the precious memories of his grandmother close to his heart. That’s why he named his brand after his beloved grandmother Mila and Amore, the Italian word for love.

Milamore is modern yet nostalgic, universal yet playful. It provokes, surprises and delights just like Mila. His love for her is unwavering and will never be replicated, and so will your love for the jewelry we make for you.

Milamore is designed with a purpose. It’s meant to express something deeply personal and authentic about the person who wears it: YOU. That means you define it, you create it. And since your perspective is the only one that matters, let it shine.

Brand Concept

We created Milamore to be different from other luxury jewelry brands. At Milamore, luxury isn’t defined by a price point. It’s about design and quality of the materials and craftsmanship, so we set out to create a new paradigm: One that makes fine jewelry accessible without compromising on quality or value.

So how do we do it?

We design and make all our jewelry and offer them directly to you. By consuming control over our production, we maintain control over the quality and the story that goes into each piece. Milamore isn’t about the label or logo. And it’s definitely not about trends. It’s about the person who wears it: YOU. We believe in being true to yourself and that means wearing jewelry that no one else has and styling it to express your individuality. Our Creative Director, who has roots in Japan, is now based in New York and finds inspiration traveling the world. Our unique global designs are inspired by his Japanese heritage, and celebrate many cultures, tradition and innovation.