Jun-Kintsugi 24kt Gold Emerald Ring



The Jun-Kintsugi Emerald Ring, personally hand-carved by Milamore's Creative Director, George Inaki Root, using pure gold. Jun-Kintsugi, where 'junkin' means pure gold, and 'tsugi' means to join together in Japanese. It elegantly frames a 2-carat natural emerald with an abstract Kintsugi line. Traditionally, pure gold is not favored for everyday wear due to its softness and susceptibility to deformation. However, much like the Kintsugi philosophy, George encourages you to wear it with confidence. As you wear this ring, it doesn't merely fit you—it adapts to you. Designed to gradually conform to your finger, this ring accumulates subtle scratches and deformities over time. These are not flaws but evolving artworks that you actively contribute to. In tribute to the philosophy of Kintsugi, these "imperfections" are part of the narrative, where breakage signifies not an end but a new beginning. Embrace the journey of wearing the Jun-Kintsugi Emerald Ring, a masterpiece representing the wabi-sabi philosophy. Handcrafted in Japan. 

Stone: Emerald (2.04ct)

Material: 24kt Gold (over 18g)

Made in: Japan

Resizable: No

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About the Colleciton

Mended, not broken. The Kintsugi Collection is inspired by the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold and lacquer. This philosophy celebrates finding beauty in the flaw and the strength that comes from overcoming adversity. Each piece is a symbol of resilience and elegance, you complete the design.

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