Each piece of Milamore jewelry is made with the highest quality precious materials and 18kt recycled solid gold and is created entirely by hand by our team of skilled multi-generational artisans in Japan. Founded in 2019 by George Inaki Root, Milamore tells a narrative of the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, infused with the spirit of Shokunin—a testament to the art of mastery through time and patience.

Wabi-Sabi teaches us to appreciate the necessary imperfections that come with art created by human hands. Our artisans use a combination of passed-down principles and techniques, combined with occasional modern technology, to create pieces of art designed to be cherished and worn for a lifetime rather than something fast.

For Milamore, craftsmanship is a philosophy that influences every aspect of our pieces. We are proud to be advocates for Japanese craftsmanship and the philosophy of Kintsugi, sharing these meaningful creations with the world.


Milamore is a continuation of Azusa Yamato’s family legacy of jewelry-making in Japan. Our atelier was first opened as a watchmaking shop in Tokyo’s Asakusa district during the 1920s after WWI, later evolving into a jewelry-making atelier. Now, our ateliers are located in Tokyo and the Yamanashi prefecture, in the heart of Japan near the foothills of Mount Fuji.