We are dedicated to preserving the artisans of Japan and educating younger generations to sustain our high standards. Our artisans are masters of both craftsmanship and the philosophy behind each piece.

The rich tradition of Japanese jewelry-making is built on principles that honor the earth and its resources. Our jewelry is crafted using 18kt solid recycled gold, natural diamonds, and gemstones. Japan has a long-standing tradition of valuing and recycling materials, deeply rooted in cultural practices.

For George, there is a romance in using natural diamonds and gemstones that were formed billions of years ago. He embraces the idea that we are "borrowing" the sparkle of these stones from Mother Earth, believing that the science of the stones and their ancient stories bring richer significance to the jewelry.

At Milamore, our commitment to Japanese heritage is more than a nod to tradition; it is a pledge to uphold the ethical values and sustainability practices inherent in Japanese culture. By honoring these principles, we ensure that every piece of jewelry we create embodies the integrity, beauty, and respect for nature that are the hallmarks of true Japanese craftsmanship.

George’s vision for Milamore is to build a heritage brand that lasts, continues to employ these skilled artisans, and advocates for Japanese craftsmanship and philosophy on a global stage.