Custom Pieces


Seeking something truly unique? Our custom-designed pieces blend meticulous craftsmanship with distinctive design. Perfect for gifts, special occasions, or engagement rings, we craft each piece to be a timeless treasure. Contact us for bespoke creations at

our process

Custom Heart


Begin your bespoke journey by sharing your vision with us. We listen attentively to every detail to ensure your desires are fully incorporated into your unique design.


George and our dedicated creative team will then craft a one-of-a-kind mockup, offering you a glimpse of your exclusive piece, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your expectations.


We commit to excellence not just in design but in responsibility. We meticulously source only the finest, most ethically procured gemstones, guaranteeing a product that’s as pure as the intentions behind it.


Our atelier's expertise shines as they hand-carve a custom cast for your jewelry, setting the stage for a creation that’s truly yours.


The final stage is where your piece comes to life, meticulously handcrafted to join your collection as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and personal narrative.

For a piece that tells your story, reach out to us at