MILAMORE sources the highest quality materials, and our atelier is vetted to meet the highest ethical standards. Japan has been normalizing using recycled gold for decades, and our artisans make sure there is no wasting of precious material. Our production is small batched, and we produce each piece one by one. Due to this, we use fewer resources than larger companies.
Therefore, all the gold we use is 18-karat recycled gold, and all our stones are natural and conflict-free.

For George, there is a romance with using natural diamonds and gemstones that were formed billions of years ago. George likes the idea that we are “borrowing” the sparkle of the stones from our mother earth. He believes the science of the stones and their ancient story brings richer significance to the jewelry. Through our commitment to Japanese craftsmanship, our response to sustainability is to create timeless jewelry as mindfully as we can

We are committed to being inclusive, aware, and as mindful as we can be.
We care deeply about our employees and it is one of MILAMORE’s top priorities to respect everyone we work with. This we feel is a social responsibility that can ripple into our communities.
Through powerful, modern design and exceptional craftsmanship, each piece of art we create becomes one-of-a-kind and holds a deep meaning to those who wear it.
Thank you for your interest and for being here with us!